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Bareeva Asiya

Адрес: Москва, Староконюшенный переулок, 41, стр 3
Контактное лицо: Asiya Bareeva
Телефон: +7905 756-76-86, +7905 739-60-16
О дизайнере

Asiya Bareeva has not been able to choose between careers of an architect and a designer for a long time. Focusing on the second variant, the future fashion designer entered the Textile University of Kosygin, where she produced her first collection already in the second year of studies, along with her classmate.


After graduation Asiya had an internship at Ulyana Sergeenko.

In addition to clothing, Bareeva also creates jewellery from Japanese polymer clay.

The designer loves interesting prints, original combinations of textures and fabrics, layered outfits and unusual jewellery.


Bareeva is a finalist of the contest of young designers “Russian Silhouette” a contestant of “Admiralty Needle” and “Garderob-2009”.


Asiya draws inspiration from traveling. For example, a trip to Saudi Arabia inspired Bareeva to create a new collection in which the designer has rethought the image of a woman in the modern world.

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