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  • Designer Ulyana Sergeenko is often called in the world press a “Russian lady”, because quite often she comes out wearing clothes of her own brand created in “a la Russe” style
  • The founder of the brand Sergey Sysoev, member of the Association of High Fashion pret-a-porte and the international Association «The Union of Designers», is a true professional.
  • Masha Sharoeva creates costumes for films and collaborates with major PR-agencies. Elegance and freedom, connection of designing ideas with convenience and simplicity are the hallmarks of fashion collections from Masha Sharoeva.
  • Olga Shikhova is a young designer specializing in creation of accessories.
  • Artem Shumov is a laureate of contests “Needle of the Admiralty”, “Generation “Next” and art project “The Beginning”. The aim of the designer is production of convenient, concise and well-designed men′s clothing at affordable prices.
  • Clothes from Victoria Smolyanitskaya are distinguished by variety of models, irony and at the same time undeniable feminine cut.
  • Collections of Elena Souproun gain success from season to season, since the designer in her work does not just pays tribute to short-term fashion, but creates a style that is timeless.
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