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  • 3R is a Russian manufacturer of zippers.
  • “4 ROADS” brand entered Russian market in 2007 and soon found its clients; the place of production is Kaliningrad, Russia.
  • “A+B Collection” company is engaged in production and sale of women′s clothing. Under this brand there are manufactured goods distinguished by attractive and stylish design.
  • A.L. Zaitsev, self-employed businessman is a domestic manufacturer of children’s clothes and goods for new-borns. For production we use only natural fabrics from cotton.
  • LLC "Abinskaya garment factory" produces pillows and blankets from economy to premium. The filler used high-quality synthetic materials: hollow siliconized fiber filler and modern "swan′s down."
  • “ABK-spets” company produces and offers for wholesale gloves. Smart strategy and careful attention to needs of our customers allowed us to offer an effective system of order fulfillment.
  • “Ace” sewing factory presents women’s, men′s, children′s clothing, insulated underwear and underwear for men and women.
  • The main product range of “Adonis” JSC includes men’s and children’s suits that are always in demand.
  • “Aelita” JSC sewing factory specializes in manufacture of top shirts for men and boys of all ages, jackets and trousers for boys; its clothing gives confidence and elegance.
  • “AElita” LLC is ready to offer you a wide range of home textile at producer’s prices.
  • “Aellina” sewing factory produces wide assortment of high-quality women′s clothing of business and holiday styles and offers them for wholesale and retail sales.
  • “Aeva” company specializes in manufacture and wholesale of shoes of EVA; it also offers a wide assortment of men’s and women’s boots for autumn and winter seasons: slates, quilted shoes, shoes, overshoes, clogs, high boots of PVC, overshoes KMF.
  • “Afina” (“Athena”) products are knitwear for new-borns from natural fabrics of domestic production (interlock, footer, terrycloth, wholly-knitted, velour, and cotton 100%).
  • St. Petersburg leather goods factory “Afina” (“Athena”) (brands “Afina” and “Bruttus”) was created and first appeared on the fashion accessories market in 1996 in St. Petersburg.
  • “Afina-Don” produces a wide range of clothing for new-borns, toddlers, and preschool children.
  • “Afour” team consists of professionals: from a modeler to a sewer, everyone is a master of one’s occupation. Every model of shoes has been designed in “Afour” laboratory and made by hands in a workshop locates in Saint Petersburg.
  • Trademark “Afrika” manufactures and sells knitwear clothes with author′s prints.
  • “AIST” (“Stork”) is the largest manufacturer of children’s knitwear in Pyatigorsk. We produce children’s underwear and hosiery for more than a decade.
  • “Aist Collection” produces and sells head dresses (men’s and women’s; demi season, summer and winter) in Moscow and around all Russia for wholesale and retail.
  • “Aistenok” trade mark is a manufacturer of children′s clothes, various accessories and beddings for new-borns in Omsk.
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