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Nika Povolzhye, Plc.

Адрес: г. Казань, ул. М.Миля 27-1
Телефон: (843) 570-76-56, (843) 570-71-89, (843) 519-63-50
Факс: (843) 544-83-83
О производителе

“Nika Povolzhye” Plc. has been specializing in manufacturing and selling of special clothes, personal protective equipment, and special goods for more than 16 years already. The company offers a wide range of goods for complex supply of companies.


Staff of the production lines is closely watching for latest research in textile industry. They use only high-quality, technological, and light fabric in sewing process, which are distinguished by high efficiency and perfect defense.


“Nika Povolzhye” Plc. has its own production basis for manufacturing general categories of special clothes that meet requirements of modern design, safety, and health regulations. Great amount of attention is paid to comfort and safety of special clothes.


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