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Serebryany Pik

Адрес: г.Уфа, ул. Тухвата Янаби, дом 71, корпус 1
Телефон: +7 347-2843-481
Факс: +7 347-2447-304
О производителе

“Serebryany Pik” (“Silver Top”) Plc. company specializes in manufacturing and selling of leather accessories under brand “Silver Top”. The company was founded in 1999.


Through these years it has grown into a large factory equipped with modern machinery. Today “Silver Top” manufactures around 300.000 various men’s and women’s bags and backpacks from nylon, polyester, and cotton. Thanks to remarkable professionalism of its staff, the company has reached the optimum of quality-price ratio.


The company also offers such service as sewing bags for individual orders.


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