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DAY, Papillon LLC

Адрес: Ростовская обл., г.Шахты, ул. Текстильная, 21
Телефон: (8636) 24-31-69, 24-31-70
О производителе

“Papillon” LLC is a manufacturer of children′s outer clothes and the owner of the trade mark “DAY”.


The company is currently engaged in development, production and sales of children′s outerwear made of raincoat materials and a variety of heaters (or without them).


Each year, the company offers its customers two new collections: winter and spring/autumn. Wide choice, reasonable prices and high quality of products - that′s why people choose products of “DAY”™.


All its products are practical, functional, and, most importantly, warm. Clothes of “DAY”™ stand out among other manufacturers due to their design. All manufactured collections are unique, relevant and adapted for the Russian market of children′s clothes.

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