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Firma BKL, LLC.

Адрес: Московская область, Пушкинский р-он, пос. Софрино, ул. Патриарха Пимена, д.57.
Телефон: (495) 993-29-45, 790-56-22, 8(49653)1-33-23
Факс: (495) 993-29-45, (49653)1-33-23
О производителе

The main activity of “Firma BKL” (“Company BKL”) is production and sales of non-woven materials such as batting, padding polyester, wool padding polyester, termofiber; along with that, there is made polyethylene film of high pressure.


The company′s products have become widely used in sewing, furniture, and light industry as a warming pad in manufacturing sewed goods and quilted fabrics, as well as pillows, blankets and stuffed toys. In the production of upholstered furniture and mattresses, linens are used as flooring material. Plastic film is in great demand as a covering and packing material. On the basis of the production of nonwovens there was opened a workshop making blankets and pillows of economy class.


The company has earned a reputation of a reliable business partner through careful approach to manufacturing goods and well-established pattern of interaction with both permanent and new customers.

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