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SeaN, Curtain factory

Адрес: Московская область, г. Железнодорожный, ул.Главная, д.22 В.
Телефон: 8-916-454-50-02, 8-915-007-46-10
О производителе

“SeaN” company was founded in 2007 and at the initial stage of its activities, the company produced linen from top quality sateen. The factory purchased fabric for sewing beddings directly from manufacturers in Pakistan and Syria. Direct delivery of tissues from manufacturers and availability of own production lines, equipped with modern sewing machines and highly qualified personnel allowed to produce competitive products of high quality at low prices.


In 2009 the company opened a new business segment — the design and manufacture of curtains and lambrequins. Today “SeaN” offers design of windows, from the visit of a designer and gagger to installation of curtain rods and hanging curtains. In the curtains salons “SeaN” you can choose any kinds of fabric - curtain, curtain laces, organza, and veils from any manufacturer in Europe or Asia according to your wealth.

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