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Obuv Rossii, Group of companies

Адрес: г. Новосибирск, ул. Богдана Хмельницкого, 58
Телефон: (383) 280-80-26
Сайт: www.obuvrus.ru
О производителе

“Obuv Rossii” (“Footwear of Russia”) group of companies is one of the largest Russian footwear companies, the leader of the mainstream segment of the shoe market. This diversified holding develops several business lines: retail sale of footwear and accessories, remote sales and e-commerce, footwear production, innovative activity. Currently, the network of the footwear company is represented by more than 450 stores in more than 100 cities of Russia.


“Obuv Rossii” owns seven brands, one of them is for clothes. They are “Westfalika” - monobrand footwear chain, mid-price segment; “Peshekhod” (“Pedestrian”) — multi-brand shoe store; “Emilia Estra” — shoes boutique, aimed at younger audience; “Rossita”— European network of fashionable footwear for the whole family; “Lisette” — shoe salon, dedicated to the French trend in shoe design; “All.go” — brand of casual, summer, beach, garden and sports shoes made of EVA materials; “Snow Guard” — brand of overclothing.


Footwear production “Obuv Rossii” is represented by two companies — in Novosibirsk and Cherkessk. A factory producing leather shoes (capacity — 350 thousand pairs of shoes per year) runs in Novosibirsk along with a workshop manufacturing soles, an automated production facility for the manufacture of shoes from EVA (capacity — 500 thousand pairs of shoes per year). At the end of 2014 “Obuv Rossii” launched the first production line in Cherkessk on leased premises.


GC “Obuv Rossii” also includes a research and development centre “Modified polymers” developing new materials for shoes: frost-resistant, ultra-light, ultra-strong. These materials are tested and then implemented in manufacturing process of the company.

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