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Malina, PLC.

Адрес: Ивановская обл., Иваново, ул. Герасима Фейгина, д.69
Телефон: (4932) 496-492, (4932) 496-492
О производителе

“Malina” (“Raspberry”) PLC. specializes in manufacturing and wholesale of men′s and women′s knitwear. The company offers a wide variety of knitted products.


The company produces a wide assortment of men′s and women′s knitwear in all sizes for different age groups.


All our products are made of high quality raw materials. High-quality, original and inexpensive clothing from Ivanovo are available to residents of any region of the Russian Federation for wholesale or retail. For production the factory runs modern lines using high-precision equipment. Maintenance of production facilities and manufacturing process is carried out by competent personnel and unique specialists of the factory.


There are skilled masters working with knitwear — talented designers and stylists, experienced cutters and masters of sewing business.

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