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Адрес: Ростовская область, г.Аксай, ул.Чапаева 175
Телефон: (86350) 5-73-88, 5-60-59, 5-59-63,5-11-53
О производителе

“Bela” сorporation is the largest manufacturer of accessories for sleep and rest in the South of Russia: it produces pillows and blankets with feather, down and modern synthetic fillers, mattresses, bed linen, blankets, beddings and other products.


The corporation has a number of shopping centres: “Beltex” LLC, “Bela” Trade house LLC, “Partner+” LLC. etc., located in attractive spots of Rostov, Krasnodar, Salsk, Pyatigorsk.


The company entered the market of feather and down goods in 1993. Products made under brand “Beltex” has won its buyers and today it has about 1000 items. In its production operations, the company is guided by latest developments in the field of feather and downy, fiber and textile manufacturing. During this period it has been established as a stable, growing company, equipped with modern imported machinery.


Customers of “Bela” corporation are hotels, healthcare institutions, HORECA companies, children′s educational institutions, military units, Russian Railways, entrepreneurs, shops and many others.


Corporation Bela” has flexible pricing policy and looks for individual approach to each customer.

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