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MaLeK BaBy

Адрес: Москва, 15-я Парковая улица дом, 16а
Телефон: +7 (800) 505-65-74, +7 (499) 461-73-72
О производителе

We are manufacturers of children′s clothing for ages 0-3, a famous brand “MaLeK BaBy”.

Currently we can offer spring, autumn and winter 2015 collection.

Please note that 100% wool is always used as a heater in the winter collection. In spring and autumn collections there are lightweight versions of overalls, transformers, envelopes, packages, coats and so on.


In a number of models lining can be unzipped, making them demi season. There is also offered a model combining functionality of three products: a “three in one” set. Depending on your needs you can use it as an envelope, overalls or take some of its components: jacket and trousers with straps. And price you pay is that of one single item.


All products are beautifully packaged, certified according to Russian standards, produced in Moscow and in steady demand from buyers

The optimal combination of price-quality. We guarantee the necessary volumes.


Wholesale sales start from 5 articles (all, no size ranges required). Prices differ from retail for 50-100% or even more.


When working with a physical person, goods can be paid by card.

For Internet shops we offer working with our warehouse by presence mandatory depositing money. We consider schemes of dropshipping.

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