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Pskov-Polymer, Factory of rubber shoes

Адрес: Псковская область, г. Псков, ул. Железнодорожная, 60
Телефон: 8-800-200-60-55
О производителе

Team of the company employs highly-qualified specialists, who are always ready to help you with any questions: from formation of the order until delivery of products. All models are developed in collaboration with Italian shoe designers and meet the basic trends of modern society and the demands of consumers.


The company offers a wide range of casual shoes and footwear for hunters and anglers. In addition, the plant offers and work boots with protective elements — metal soles and metal toes. There are in total more than 400 items and subitems of shoes made from PVC and EVA.


The product range is regularly updated with new models, which are developed with active participation of consumers with regard to their comments and suggestions. On average, annually the plant starts mass production of about 10 new models.

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