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GooDvin, LLC

Адрес: г. Тула, ул. Макаренко, д.13, корп.4
Телефон: +7 (4872) 26-89-54, +7 (903) 697-29-93, +7 (910) 552-00-19
О производителе

“Goodvin” LLC specializes in sewing clothes for children ages 1-14 and uses the brand “GooDvin” (jackets, overalls, coats, anoraks, and trousers).

  • Since its founding in 2002, the company produces original collections that always meet high demands for quality and design.
  • “GooDvin” products are manufactured in small quantities, making it recognizable and different from other companies.
  • “GooDvin” strictly monitors quality and keeps under control cost of its products, making clothing collection be sold at the most competitive prices without sacrificing quality.
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