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MilleFaMille, Mini Mi LLC

Адрес: г. Барнаул, ул. Цеховая, 58
Телефон: (385-2) 567-294 - wholesale department, (385-2) 567-293 - manufacturing
О производителе

“Mini Mi” LLC is a manufacturer of children′s clothing that uses brand name MilleFaMille. The company was established in late 2008.


The company produces clothes for smallest ones of knitwear made in Turkey and Poland. “Mini-Mi” has grown up in a stable company from a small workshop. The whole cycle of manufacturing products is made by qualified, experienced and modern specialists.


The products meet GOST state standards, and the cloths used for manufacturing clothes pass safety check. We focus on quality and safety of future products.


Modern sewing equipment accelerates the process of production, the use of standardized technology allows to obtain finished products that are fashionable, safe and comfortable to wear.


For employees of “Mini-Mi” there are created favourable conditions for work in the workshops. Stable team ensures uninterrupted operation cycle.

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