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IvanovoKids, Lily Tex LLC

Адрес: г. Иваново, ул. Поляковой, д. 8
Телефон: +7 920-670-6666, +7 (4932) 575808
О производителе

“Lily Tex” LLC from Ivanovo specializes in manufacture and wholesale using brand “IvanovoKids”. The company′s products differs from competitors due to democratic prices and yet quality is maintained at the highest level.


Products are made of high-quality natural fabrics by LLC “Lily Tex” has always been highly valued customers. They are pleasant for touch, do not electrify, do not stick to the body, and do not cause allergic reactions.


For the convenience of customers the company has established an online store where you can buy children′s and teens’ clothing from knitwear, for large and small wholesale, at the most affordable and competitive prices. High consumer properties of Ivanovo knitwear have long made it popular material for children′s clothing. Stretch fabric which is very comfortable to wear, very well absorbs moisture and allows skin to breathe. They sew both lower and upper clothes of it. It is quite uncomplicated to care about them, so this is one of the reasons why things of knitted garments are popular among them who seek both to look beautiful and save time. Due to the fact we mainly use knitted fabrics of local production, price of our products is one of the lowest in the market.


Cooperating with “Lily Tex” bring your business maximal profits. All products are certified.

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