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Self-employed businessman Borovets, Knitted-sewing workshop

Адрес: Московская область, г.Ногинск, ул. Советской Конституции 40Е, территория фабрики ПНФ-1
Телефон: 8 (903) 578 67 78, 8 (496) 517 34 36
О производителе

Knitted-sewing workshop of self-employed businessman Borovets has been engaged in production of knitted outerwear, as well as sewing T-shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms since 2004. On request, we put pictures on manufactured products.


Our shop is constantly being upgraded and at the moment there is installed knitting, sewing, and cutting equipment made in Germany (Stoll), Japan (Juki, Singer), and Italy (Rimach). They are operated by competent and highly qualified personnel. All of this allows us producing high-quality products in a short time.


Our products have quality certificates, an official document certifying the conformity of the object to the agreement, codes, regulations and standards requirements of technical regulations. Therefore, all products manufactured by Borovets have document proof of compliance with international quality standards, safety and can be freely sold on the market of the Russian Federation.

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