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Moy Zayka

Адрес: Московская обл., г. Жуковский, ул. Гагарина, д. 57
Телефон: +7(926)0370723
О производителе

“Moy Zayka” (“My Bunny”) presents high-quality and comfortable clothing for children from fleece. The range of goods includes fleece overalls and suits, fleece overalls for babies from size 62, sling overalls, jackets, and sweatshirts for children up to size 146, original envelopes for new-borns fleece for children up to six years. All this goods suit spring and winter season fine.


Our company produces and offers for wholesale and retail original children′s fleece envelopes “Moy Zayka” for kids up to six years. Every mother comes up with a special gentle and affectionate name for her baby. For some it′s “bunny”, for someone it might be “little bear”... In our winter envelopes for new-borns we expressed all our love to the children and all your fantasies with the original design made of pictures of various animals.

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