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Radost, Mom’s Luck LLC

Адрес: Санкт-Петербург ул. Есенина, д. 19.
Телефон: +7 911 936-97-90
О производителе

“Mom’s Luck” LLC specializes in manufacture and wholesale of children’s products under the brand name “Radost” (“Joy”) ™. The company guarantees high-quality products, manufacturer’s prices, and high quality of service.


LLC “Mom’s Luck” works to help mothers in their difficult and noble tasks to let parenting bring only joy. That is why the trademark under which we sew our products, is called — “Radost”.


The company began operations in 2003 and has already become popular in many parts of our country. Its special focus is manufacture of pillows for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, as well as anatomical pillows for kids. All products of the company are thoroughly thought through and made of high-quality and high-tech materials.

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