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Frizzzy, Alternativnoye Reshenie JSC

Адрес: Московская обл, Одинцовский р-н, Немчиновка п, Московская ул, 63
Телефон: + 7 (495) 940-73-88
О производителе

“Alternativnoye Reshenie” (“Alternative Solution”) JSC specializes in  production and sale of children’s clothing for all occasions branded Frizzzy<sup class="reg">®</sup>.


Frizzzy<sup class="reg">®</sup> has developed along with our kids. They grew up, and thus assortment expanded and new models emerged. Today Frizzzy<sup class="reg">®</sup> offers clothing for children aged 0-12.


The range of goods is constantly expanding, and all models share one thing — they are made of natural materials: flax. It has amazing antibacterial properties — no bacteria or fungi grow on it. This material is also called “natural air conditioner” for wonderful ability to “breathe”. Such clothes can be worn both in summer and winter — it cools a baby in summer and warms in winter. Moreover, these materials are tender, like hands of a mother.


Developing a model, the company pays special attention to the convenience of cutting and sewing quality. These examples will help you understand better what is meant. Elastic at the waist for some models is adjustable. It is convenient and makes the clothes functional. Large internal pockets delight little tots: they can put so much there. We place orders for tailoring only on Russian factories, which are selected with incredible care. Why Russia? Ability to control the quality and little distance — these are the two critical factors.


We create clothes worn by our children. If you wish, comfortable and stylish clothes will appear in your little one’s wardrobe as well. We already have done everything for you. The only thing you need is to get to the nearest store and buy for a little son or daughter what you’ve been looking for so long.


Frizzzy<sup class="reg">®</sup> — we’ve thought of everything for you.

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