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Адрес: г. Ярославль, ул. Ленинградский пр., д. 33, оф. 39
Телефон: 8 800 505-85-29, +7 (4852) 550022
Факс: +7 (4852) 550022
О производителе

“Factory Promo” specializes in manufacture and sales of children’s clothing using its brand “Brinco” (Spanish, “jump, leap”). The company is located in the city of Yaroslavl and was founded in 1999.


The company does not only out a piece of soul in each model, but also all years of experience, our innovation, quality, designed to the smallest detail, as well as all our creativity and ambition. As a result, there comes a great model standing out from grey mass of monotonous products presented on the current market of children’s clothes.


Children’s clothes of “Brinco” are certified and meet on all sanitary standards. At the moment, we do only wholesale of children’s clothing, but in the near future there will be launched a branded retail network.

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