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EtoELF, ООО ЭтоЭльф

Адрес: г. Кострома, ул. Юных Пионеров, д.32
Телефон: (4942) 45-76-26, 35-61-03
О производителе

“EtoElf” (“This is Elf”)  LLC specializes in  manufacture and sale of children’s clothing, hats and accessories under the brand name “EtoELF”.


After studying consumer demand in the market of children’s clothes, the company has made the focus of creation of children’s collections on author’s design decisions, careful selection of certified materials, and high quality combined with reasonable prices.


Thanks to the creative union of designers, artists and designers of the enterprise children’s clothing brand “EtoELF” favourably differs from other brands because its products are made from natural materials. The company offers its customers seasonal updates of collections, efficient fulfilment of orders, and comfortable conditions for cooperation.

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