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Company AIV, LLC

Адрес: Москва, Коломенский пр. дом 8, корп. 4
Телефон: (499) 616-65-16; (495) 978-31-40
О производителе

“Company AIV” LLC specializes in manufacture and sales of children′s clothing, sleeping bags, and goods for sport activities. The company was launched in 1994.

The company′s success is due to the quality of products, and its desire to meet needs of children and their parents′ expectations.


“Company AIV” believes that convenience is one of the main requirements for creating children′s clothes since a child of any age needs a lot of active movements . And manufacturing lines of the company are focused exactly on such kinds of clothes.


The product range is divided into three main groups:

  • Children′s clothing for ages 0-14: coats, jackets, parkas children, overalls, trousers, suits, jackets, hats and more — for any season.
  • Goods for recreation: windproof jackets, raincoat and waterproof trousers, insulated jackets and trousers, mats, mattresses — folding and beach, tents, covers for fishing rods and spinning.
  • Sleeping bags: 12 models of various colours and consumer properties, as well as inserts and compression bags.

Thus, “Company AIV” can truly say that we know what clothes do people who lead an active lifestyle need (children as well). We use only the best fabrics and accessories for sewing. Clothing from “Company AIV” is capable of reliably protection of a child from weather: be it snow, rain, wind, or frost.a

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