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Адрес: г. Ростов-на-Дону, пр. 40-летия Победы, 336
Телефон: 8 (863) 295-13-07, 295-12-94, 266-97-92, 269-14-44
О производителе

“MamaShila” (“Mother Sewed”)™ has been engaged in sales of textile products for babies for over a decade. During this time the company has achieved considerable success.


Goods for children that are made under this trademark differs with environmental cleanliness. Every item is thought out most thoroughly, because “MamaShila” makes products for the most demanding and gentle customers: babies. Goods are non-toxic (since they passed special tests), hypoallergenic, durable, and easy to operate. In blouses and sliders from “MamaShila” kids feel comfortable and confident, and those are the key to good health and development, the best thing that parents can give.

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