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Quick ant

Адрес: Московская обл., г.Клин, Ленинградское шоссе, 88
Телефон: 8 (926) 347-87-22, 8 (963) 771-29-32, 8 (963) 771-29-34
О производителе

“Quick ant” specializes in manufacturing and selling fashionable and comfortable children’s hats. Company’s name was given by no accident. Products of “Quick ant” are designed for contemporary boys and girls — active and with great curiosity towards the world.


The company produces hats for babies (from new-borns to schoolchildren) since 2006 and has been very successful. The company is equipped with modern machinery, and thus sews excellent products. Raw materials and supplies are imported from Turkey and Poland, and have exceptionally high quality.

“Quick ant” produces models that are comfortable to wear, of perfect size range and perfectly fit. As a result, its goods meet all quality requirements for children’s clothes in Russia and other countries, and nevertheless remain more than affordable — especially when you consider that hats for kids are offered for wholesale.


In wholesale catalogue the company presents:

  • Winter children’s hats for children of ages 3 months to up to 7 years;
  • Spring models: berets, beanies, and scarves
  • Summer models: panamas, scarves, bandanas, caps etc.
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