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Junior Textile, LLC

Адрес: г. Новосибирск, ул.Королева д.40, корпус 40
Телефон: 8 (383) 289-98-77, 8-913-917-06-99
О производителе

“Junior Textile” LLC manufactures and supplies high-quality children’s clothing for infants, toddlers and preschool children for wholesale. The company was founded in 2006.


Its goods are made from high-quality fabrics and raw materials, and are absolutely safe for health, which is confirmed by environmental Certificate of Conformity of Russia.


The production base is equipped with modern machinery. This lets us achieve high quality of tailoring. The company maintains low product prices, due to absence of intermediaries. Children’s clothing from “Junior Textile” is an ideal solution for wholesale customers, since there is an opportunity to buy clothes for both large and small wholesale.

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