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Miss Lora

Адрес: г.Пятигорск, рынок «Лира» , модуль 13-Г № 3, 4
Телефон: 8 (928) 816-35-35
О производителе

“Miss Lora” sewing factory develops and manufactures fashionable women’s clothing under its own brand.


The company offers handy and convenient top clothes for modern women who want to be unique in any situation and at any age. The philosophy of the brand: elegant simplicity, convenience, and functionality. Women’s clothing brand “Miss Lora” is the result of work of true artists: exquisite design and high quality of performance — these are the key to success of the company and beauty of our lovely women!


Today “Miss Lora” means a wide range of products, from cosy casual dresses to luxurious evening gowns and spectacular office sets. Line-up is constantly updated, and our designers follow new fashion trends and incorporate them into our models. Goods of “Miss Lora” fully meet high quality standards.

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