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Адрес: Московская область, г. Мытищи, ул. Летная, дом 16, корпус 3
Телефон: 8-800-100-81-57
О производителе

The company “Eurydike” is specialized in producing and selling coats since 1996.


Fabrics of the highest quality, the models of most talented designers and constructors — this is the basis of success of “Eurydike”. Employees of the company constantly follow the trends of modern fashion and wishes of clients. Production in Russia makes it possible to constantly monitor quality of tailoring and fulfill orders as quickly as possible with the best fit.


The company “Eurydike” produces a collection of models twice a year, adding to them new items throughout the season. Fabrics selected for their products are always top-quality and from the best manufacturers. Pricing policy lets a pretty wealthy woman purchase a coat as well as a woman of average income. Each client can choose the colour, texture and quality of the fabric according to his or her  tastes. The size range is also designed for a wide variety of women from the most fragile and thin girls to ladies with luxurious forms.


Line-up of collections of “Eurydike” is presented in three areas: youth, ladies, and classic lines. These directions are united by one dominant idea —femininity. Models would underline the ease and smooth lines, the charm and dreaminess that make a woman a woman.

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