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Prestige R

Адрес: Орехово-Зуево, ул.Ленина д.86
Телефон: +7 (495) 778-73 30, +7 (968) 898-75 79
О производителе

“Prestige R” is a factory producing top women’s clothing. Profiling activity of “Prestige-R” is sewing of women’s clothing, which fully complies with international quality standards and reflects latest trends in fashion industry.


“Prestige R” today — is:

  • a full-fledged production cycle
  • use of environmentally friendly fabrics of well-known brands
  • impressive staff of experts (from a designer to a seamstress).

Using the latest technological developments and equipment allows us to produce models of different style: from classic silhouettes to complicated samples (including using models of Italian work).


“Prestige R” is not only a factory for making women’s outerwear, but also an original online store that sells products to wholesalers without distribution charge.

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