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Pit. Gakoff, Sewing company

Адрес: Санкт-Петербург, ул.Сабировская д.37
Телефон: (812) 702-76-60, (812) 430-43-33, (812) 970-66-61
О производителе

Sewing company “PIT. GAKOFF” is one of the largest manufacturers of women’s clothing in Northwest region and St. Petersburg. The company’s products are loved by many women customers because of the highest quality and top-notch fashionable clothes of plus sizes — for business, fashionable, elegant, and forever young woman with, say, curvy shapes.


“PIT. GAKOFF”is a stable company is clothing company of full cycle active at the Russian market. The company manufactures high-quality clothing — anoraks, coats, jackets, down jackets on a heater valtherm (soft heater of a new generation, which allows clothes be light and thin, breathable and warm), business suits, elegant evening dresses, coats and short coats, uniforms and clothing starting with 46, ending with 80 size.


The clothes are made in the workshop with the latest equipment from high quality raw materials. Because of this, we have increased production speed and dynamics of renovation of lineup and so we are able to sell high-quality products at  lowest prices. The quality of our products is confirmed by various awards received at regional, national, and international exhibitions. Products can be purchased for wholesale, small wholesale from warehouse companies, in retail stores, an online store, as well as under custom order.

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