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MF, Clothes with prints

Адрес: Ленинградская область, Всеволожский район, Мурманское шоссе, 12 км
Телефон: 8(812)670-40-75, 8(906)246-26-82
О производителе

“MF” company specializes in production of clothing with prints that you can see and buy in our network all around Russia.


“MF” is a modern garment production with full cycle: from designing products to packaging.


The production capacity lets it make up to 4.000 units of varying complexity per day. All manufactured products are tested for quality and have all necessary licenses and certificates.


“MF” does not manufacture counterfeit goods. All its products are manufactured under the trademark “MF” within license agreements with owners of brands, such as Disney, Marvel, Winx, XX Century FOX or under the name of the customer.

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