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Samos Fashion Group

Адрес: Москва, ул. Докукина д. 10
Телефон: +7 (499) 903-47-18 (wholesale clients only)
О производителе

Samos Fashion Group produces luxury outerwear. Since foundation in 1992, we do not develop extensive collections, do not launch noisy advertising campaigns, and do not niggle. All our efforts are directed towards establishment and improvement of refined urban top clothing. And so we’re doing the best coats in the country.


By the word “luxury” we mean luxury, not abundance, excessive decoration, or flashy colours. “Lux” has nothing to do with conspicuous consumption. By the word “luxury” we mean:

  • refined, intelligent, minimalist tailoring;
  • luxury surfaces;
  • equal attention to the visible and the hidden side of things;
  • versatility and timeless value models.


We closely follow the fashion, but do not follow it blindly. Each season, we carefully select only those trends which have a chance of long-term development. Our collections consist of 20-25 favourite models, among which there are undoubted classics along with current trends.


We produce no more than 10.000 units per year, which are sold throughout the country. We do not plan to increase output, as it will inevitably lead to reduced quality and this is decisively unacceptable for us.

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