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Адрес: Россия, г. Орел , ул. Васильевская д. 140
Телефон: +7 (4862) 70-19-35, +7 (953) 622-23-75, 8 (495) 231-27-14
О производителе

Since 2004 “PIKANTO” breaks stereotypes:


— Russian clothing can be not only of high quality but also look really stylish.


— “PIKANTO” is profitable to cooperate with: clothes created on its own production lines. We have earned a honest reputation and take full responsibility for the consistently high quality of our products.


— In 2012 the company launched a line of “Pikantofamily” — clothes of “family look” style: sets for mother and daughter.


We cooperate with more than 1.000 stores in Russia and the CIS countries, developing a network of branded stores “PIKANTO”.


Make women Women — that’s what allowed “PIKANTO”™ create your own unique and distinctive style and occupy a separate niche of clothing for free time.



Clothes of “PIKANTO” are not just a part of everyday image — they are able to form a mood, change an image, and bring harmony in any moment of your life.

One of the main competitive advantages of brand “PIKANTO” — is constantly updated collections, where raw materials, design and quality play a major role.


Products “PIKANTO” are a collection of high-quality knitted garments that represent a mix of different models of clothing for leisure, sports, home and relaxed meetings.

Within the collections models of completely different styles can be found: classic European, models with a simple cut and lack of ornamentation, and mysterious Asia.


Size range: female 42-52, 46-56, children 24-34 and youth 36-44.

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