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Rostislav, Sewing factory

Адрес: г. Чебоксары, проспект Ивана Яковлева, 12
Телефон: (8352)51-27-25, 8-905-343-1475
Факс: (8352)54-02-62
О производителе

“Rostislav” sewing factory manufactures men’s trousers of classic style and for youth under the registered trademark “Rostislav”. In its range of men’s pants it has more than 100 various models, as well as school trousers and sets.


For production it chooses only high-quality imported fabric, accessories, and materials. The usage of modern CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems helps to achieve superior quality of cut and fit of products, raise productivity, fasten development and implementation of new models.


Sewing workshops are equipped with high-performance sewing machines and automata. The enterprise has introduced multi-stage quality control and is constantly improving production process.

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