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AnnA WolF

Адрес: Москва, Варшавское шоссе, д 25 А, строение 1, офис 115
Телефон: + 7 (495) 215 -06 -00
О производителе

“AnnA WolF” brand was created for those who live with fashion or just remain closely connected with it. “AnnA WolF” presents bright, interesting, and stylish handbags and accessories.


The company’s designers are a team of professionals, who are constantly in search of more interesting ideas for the collection. Each product is made of high-quality materials and takes into account most recent and even future trends of the fashion industry. In the catalogue there is a varied range of leather goods and accessories.


Products of “AnnA WolF” can be purchased both for wholesale and retail. For retail customers there was created a handy online shop. There one can get acquainted with products and buy a handbag or accessory that will cause admiration of your friends and colleagues. Wholesale buyers are offered favourable conditions for cooperation and convenient scheme of work.

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