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Адрес: Москва, Вернадского Просп., строение 6В
Телефон: +7 (495) 585-67-11
Факс: +7 (495) 930-25-42
О производителе

The company specializes in producing and selling comfortable and stylish women’s footwear under the brand “Shelly”. The company has been working on the market for over 12 years. The collection designers take into account the latest trends of fashion.


Within the range of companies you will find: boots, women’s and children’s shoes and footwear for all seasons, padded polyester boots and ugg boots, accessories (handbags, purses, wallets, and gloves). For manufacturing shoes there are used high-quality materials best suited to the climate in Russia. In developing new models it takes into account various factors such as weather conditions, wear-resistant materials, structural features of legs, ease of use and much more. Each product is a result of hard work of employees who doesn’t only create beautiful things, but goods of the highest quality in which you will feel be comfortable.

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