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LiRa, Lira Moda LLC

Адрес: г.Воронеж, Ленинский проспект д.160а
Телефон: (473) 250-24-63, 250-24-65
Факс: (473) 261-98-68
О производителе

“Lira Moda” (“Lira Fashion”) LLC specializes in manufacture and sales of elegant women’s clothing using brand “LiRa”.


LiRa today:

  • A successful brand of middle segment women’s clothing
  • Optimal ratio “price-quality” (The company is located in a region, which means lower rent, wages of employees are lower than in the capital, and consequently production costs are lower too.)
  • It works directly with customers, without intermediaries, both in regions and major cities.
  • It is a successful project of women’s clothing of multibrand format and smart-franchising.

The company offers four seasonal collections: spring, summer, autumn, Christmas. Clothing is made in different styles and for all situations: “business clothes”, “casual clothing”, “elegant clothes”, and “for anniversaries”.

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