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Адрес: Московская область, г. Подольск, Художественный проезд, д.2е
Телефон: +7 (495) 748-03-63, +7 (495) 780-69-78, +7 (495) 858-11-82
О производителе

“Firma Kamteks” LLC is a domestic producer, a stable and dynamic company with an impeccable reputation gained since 1993. The main profile of the company is production and wholesale of yarn for hand and machine knitting made of natural and artificial fibres.


“Kamteks” company processes such raw materials as wool, woollen mixture, mohair, acrylic, linen, cotton, and viscose. The company has developed two lines of production of yarn: classic and innovative, which even looks different due to labeling. “Kamteks” is one of the few companies that has been producing yarn stretch — “Cotton Stretch”, “Lotus stretch”, and mohair.


Clearly established production processes, highly qualified professionals, use of high-quality domestic and imported raw materials guarantee high quality of yarn. All products of “Kamteks” are in accordance with technical specifications and have hygienic certificates.

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