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Respect, LLC

Адрес: Псковская область, г.Великие Луки, ул.Зверева, д.39
Телефон: (81153) 5-17-60
О производителе

“Respect” sewing company manufactures and sells knitted products. The company offers a wide range of garments for all age groups.


Its assortment includes products for new-borns, children of different ages, men’s and women’s knitwear of several sub-categories:


  • Products for infants;
  • underwear (briefs, T-shirts, and pyjamas);
  • indoor clothing (gowns);
  • top (sweaters, trousers, shorts, sundresses, and dresses).


The company is known at Russian market as a manufacturer of high-quality products. Safety of garments is ensured by environmental compliance certificate of Rosstandart.

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