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Адрес: Москва, ул. Монтажная, д. 2 а,стр.1
Телефон: +7(926) 743-46-74, +7(926)592-53-31, +7(495) 966-06-74
О производителе

“DIGITALPRIME” LLC specializes in textile printing. The company has its own finishing production facilities in Russia, which work with the latest technology of trimming fabric. Digital printing method for natural fabrics creates products with image quality that equals those of global brands.


Earlier in Russia there were used only several types of rotary printing on fabric, which is rather low-quality and expensive method of applying images on  fabric. Company “DIGITALPRIME” brought a “know how” to Russian market, making world-class fabric available for sale in Russia.


Today, thanks to new digital equipment that produces tissue corresponding current trends, modern high-quality fashion goods can be easily produced in Russia. All these textile products are made digitally ad can be purchased in Russia at more favourable rates and save time of our entrepreneurs who now do not need to go for fashionable natural fabric to Europe, Turkey, China etc.


Now all your desires can be fulfilled at home with most amazing colours of the most beautiful drawings or photos can be reflected in tissues if you address “DIGITALPRIME”.

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