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Odema, Master JSC

Адрес: Новосибирск, ул.Сибиряков-Гвардейцев, 51/1
Телефон: (383) 344-20-00, (383) 342-12-06
О производителе

“Master” sewing enterprise works on several fronts: design and development of seasonal clothing collections for women, men, and children; manufacturing of clothes of its own brand “Odema”; sales of products for wholesale and retail; taking orders for manufacturing of apparel.


The company was created in 1994; today it occupies a strong position in the market with launch of products targeting customers of all ages and social groups. Working on creation of future collections, designers and fashion modellers take into account the eternal desire of people to change — their interest in the new silhouettes, new colours, and new materials. They create models that meet the latest fashion trends, and at the same time offer models that are designed in the context of the classics.


The assortment of products exceeds 200 items of women’s, men’s, and children′s clothes. Jackets of brand “Odema” differ from competitors with convenience and functionality, they are made of raincoat and mixed fabric with water-repellent qualities. The overalls are comfortable for children and adults, they remain warm even in the most severe frosts. Coats are made both in insulated and light versions. This product line features a wide range of fabrics and colours. A variety of styles and rich range of trimming elements are able to satisfy tastes of customers of all ages.

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