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Oktyabr, LLC

Адрес: Зеленоград, Панфиловский пр-т, 10
Телефон: +7 (499) 734-94-20
О производителе

“Oktyabr” (“October”) LLC specializes in production in two main areas: “Knitting production” and “equipment”, being the largest manufacturer of hosiery and glove producing equipment in Russia and one of the largest manufacturers of knitted working gloves and socks. The company started its activities in 1996.


The company produces hosiery and glove products of excellent quality using brand “LACERTA”.


Whether it’s socks and gloves or equipment for their production, company always gives priority to their quality. “October” LLC has organized a multi-processing chain of control and now the company conducts effective financial and economic policy, so that its products are well-positioned in the market with regard to prices.


http://noski-lacerta.ru/ — here you can buy products of “LACERTA” brand.

http://tpo.oktyabr.ru/— sale of equipment of “October” LLC.

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