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Citytex, LLC

Адрес: Ивановская область, г. Шуя, ул. 1-я Московская, д. 11
Телефон: (4935) 14-48-06, 14-48-28
О производителе

“Citytex” LLC is successfully developing in the Russian market. The basis of our activity is the production and sale of high-quality bedding sets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, working and medical garments.


We offer a wide range of inventory for medical institutions (hospitals, maternity homes), boarding houses, camps, and hotels. This includes bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattresses, bedcovers, towels, bathrobes, underwear, shirts, nightgowns, pyjamas, diapers, vests, sliders, caps, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bed ticks, mattress cases.


“Citytex” produces and sells clothing and medical work for various industries: working robes, working suits, trousers, overalls, canvas gloves, insulated gloves, cotton gloves, and gloves with PVC.

Medical gowns, surgical gowns, surgical suits, doctors’ suits, bakers’ suits, chefs’ suits, aprons, caps, and shoe covers.


The main aim of the company is to create a favourable atmosphere of cooperation with regular and potential customers, conducting elaborate pricing policy, and ensuring high profitability for partners.

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