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Kosmos, sewing company

Адрес: Russian Federation, Moscow, Dmitrovskoye shosse, 79
Телефон: +7 (499)487-4755, (499)487-0015
Сайт: kosmos-moda.ru
О производителе

The factory was founded in 1924 as a cooperative that produced men’s shirts, women’s lingerie and bed linen. During the 2d World War it made army uniforms, in 1991 the factory was privatized by its workers and now sewing company «Kosmos» («Space») is one of the largest in Russia. The head department is situated in Moscow; there is also a facility in Dankov city in Lipetsk region.


Each year by the company’s own Art Bureau there are created more than 100 new items. In 1990s «Kosmos» has improved quality of sewing by collaborating with German trade companies.

Now the company specializes in the whole range of women’s over clothes, dresses, blouses, coats, suits, as well as men’s shirts and trousers. It also participates in auctions for deliveries of men’s and women’s uniform to the state structures.


Since 1997 the company has been enlarging the assortment for the domestic market and cooperating in the area of uniform. The company has designed, produced and delivered uniform clothes for «Aeroflot», the Federal Customs Office, the federal Tax Office, the Investigating Committee, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Protective Service etc.

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