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Primtex, LLC

Адрес: г.Владивосток, ул. Леонова 27, офис 18
Телефон: 8 (423) 279-10-02, 8 (423) 298-38-96
О производителе

“Primtex” LLC specializes in manufacture of gloves and sales of equipment and raw materials in the city of Vladivostok. The company is the largest manufacturer of knitted gloves in the Far East region of Russia. The company’s products are of high quality and price stability


For four years, “Primtex” has been manufacturing and supplying a wide range of knitted working gloves, which are widely used in construction, extractive, industrial, commercial and sectors of the Far Eastern region.


The company has a lot of potential production capacity and much experience; it manufactures its products with up-to-date high-tech equipment, which is constantly being upgraded. In production we use high-quality raw materials of South Korean production, which are manufactured using modern technologies without chemical components harmful to human life. The content of pure cotton in manufactured products is at least 85% of the total weight. Also there are produced gloves made with addition of synthetic yarn that gives the product increased durability and practicality.


Constant assortment of gloves includes more than 20 titles, from economy to premium, with a variety of pricing. Our company pays great attention to quality control and it has a policy of flexible cooperation with each customer; therefore the enterprise focuses on possibility of manufacturing products of individual size, composition, density, and colour. If necessary, there is possibility of putting on the gloves any logo or picture, which is very important for branding products.

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