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Адрес: г. ТВЕРЬ, пр-т ПОБЕДЫ д. 37А
Телефон: (4822) 430-130
О производителе

“Lora” company was founded in 1991 and manufactures high-quality professional uniform of European level for various activities.


Starting as a small tailoring shop, we have become a serious, well-established company with well-managed production process. “Lora” offers more than 50 models of clothes for all levels of staff: medical gowns and suits, surgical gowns, chef′s clothing, clothes for service sector, hats, and shoes.


You are offered a wide range of products from fabrics and materials both imported and domestically produced, with decorations of finest domestic and import manufacturers. At the same time a lot of attention paid to creation of corporate identity of your company. One of the components of any uniform is presence of an institution′s logo, an advertised medicine or a sponsor. The main way of applying logos on clothing is embroidery. Sometimes colour applique or iron-on transfers are used for this purpose. However, embroidered logos are considered to be more stylish and colourful. At your request we can develop and apply your logos on products.

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