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Azhur-Tex, LLC

Адрес: Республика Бурятия, г. Улан-Удэ, ул. Дальненагорная, д. 2
Телефон: +7(3012) 22 - 82 - 96, +7(3012) 23 - 70 - 88
О производителе

“Azhur-Tex” (“Openwork-Tex”) Ltd. is one of the few companies in the Russian market producing high-quality knitwear and the only manufacturer of knitwear and hosiery in Ulan-Ude and Republic of Buryatia. The company was founded in September 2008.


The modern market offers a fairly wide range of knitted garments and hosiery products. However, unfortunately, quality of these products is not always able to satisfy a consumer. “Azhur-Tex” factory not only produces goods of high quality, but also is constantly working on increasing it, this and lets it offer customers high-quality knitwear. It can be found in retail stores and for wholesale.

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