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Dzej, SPC

Адрес: Москва, Спасоглинищевский Б. пер., 9/1, стр. 14, оф. 15
Телефон: +7(499)794-30-37, +7(495) 660-23-57, +7(915) 321-79-68
Факс: +7(499)794-30-37
Сайт: http://dzej.ru/
О производителе

“Dzej” SPC specializes in manufacture of interlining materials; the company was founded in 1990.


“Dzej” SPC is engaged in development of technologies for applying adhesive coatings on various substrates. Current production includes: fusible interlining non-woven materials and fabrics used for sewing clothes, shoes, hats, leather goods, car decorations. As the basis there are used: cotton, linen and half-linen, polyester-viscose, polyester-viscose base-knitted cloth, cotton knitted garments, non-woven termobuilt cloth, non-woven glued cloth.


“Dzej” processes customer’s materials including: applying one- or two-sided hotmelt coating to a substrate; doubling and tripling materials (non-woven, fabric, leather, faux fur, felt etc.).


Specialists of SPC “Dzej” advise on  selection and use of materials. Product samples are allocated free of charge for testing by a customer in production environment.


Depending on volume and frequency of purchases, buyers may be offered discounts and preferential terms of payment. Delivery within Moscow is available, as well as sending goods to other regions.


Products are manufactured in accordance with the specifications, registered in the State Standard of the Russian Federation, and have hygienic certificates. Products of “Dzej” are protected by original trademark. “Dzej” has been constantly (since 1994) involved in the Federal Trade Fair of goods and equipment of textile and light industry and received numerous awards from the organizers — JSC “Roslegprom” and the All-Russia Exhibition centre

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