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Extreme Direction

Адрес: г. Воронеж, ул. Никитинская, 46
Телефон: +7 (473) 251-36-51, +7 (473) 240-30-99
О производителе

“Extreme Direction” company specializes in the manufacture of sportswear since 2007. In August 2009 clothing of brand “Extreme Direction” actively entered the Russian market. To date, “Extreme Direction” is a dynamic company that can meet needs of customers serving small batches as well as with individual tailoring of sports products.


First task was to manufacture equipment for people involved in extreme sports: paragliders, cavers, kart racers etc. There was formed a base of designs, technologies, and materials used.


At the same time we worked on  development of models of clothes for team sports, search and choice of best suppliers of materials and knitted fabric.


Since no form can be complete without application of numbers and logos, it was decided to purchase the equipment for applying images, and a workspace of a designer has been organized.

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