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Liki Mekha

Адрес: г. Тверь, ул. Горького, 202
Телефон: +7 (4822) 55-63-73, +7 (910) 647-4853
О производителе

Trading House “Liki Mekha” is not just a fur salon, it’s a company with a complete production cycle. There is a furrier workshop, where one can choose favourite model and make a personal order. The concept of production is the disclosure of natural qualities of the material, its natural luxury and wealth through a combination of European and traditional Russian methods of processing furs. This approach ensures that “Liki Mekha” company keeps high competitiveness among Russian companies.


Moreover, the closed-loop operation cycle lets the company flexibly respond to fluctuations in demand, take fashion trends into account, moving along the path of individual work with any customer. Work is performed in a short time with guaranteed quality and flexible system of tariff concessions.


Today, in the period of economic recession and currency fluctuations, “Liki Mekha” has optimized pricing, minimized cost of the bar of fur products. The company offers interest-free loans and instalments on all products.


Employees of fur salons “Liki Mekha” do not just pick you up a fur coat; their job is to help you fulfil a dream. Experienced specialists will also tell you about the proper storage and ways to take care of your new “pet”.

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